Hoskins CrestHoskins & Associates offers financial solutions for the needs of corporate, institutional and high net worth private clients. With head offices in the Netherlands, we can offer international facilities through our General Managers in our offices throughout the world. We link private and institutional funders with clients who require innovative equity and debt and investment funding. We can also provide funds for short term assistance to businesses, at rates which will allow those businesses to flourish; we then guide them towards appropriate longer-term funding. We have access to facilities offering high yet guaranteed investment returns to clients.

In essence we offer a broad spectrum of services, including cash and treasury management, debt, equity and structured finance, trading and financial risk hedging, independent financial advisory services, structuring and Wealth Management Services, with full taxation planning service to the Client and provide a legal tax efficient plan for the distribution of the proceeds.

Our clients are property developers, growing business enterprises, commodity producers, traders and distributors.


    • Treat CLIENTS as our first PRIORITY
    • Express all documents with CLARITY
    • Treat all of our CLIENTS FAIRLY
    • Use our EXPERTISE to recommend the most appropriate solution for our CLIENTS NEEDS
    • ensure charges are expressed TRANSPARENTLY
    • be SMART with the products we offer
    • constantly evaluate the market to ensure we offer the best VALUE possible