Hoskins Crest

Hoskins & Associates services range from trade financing and merchant banking to structuring financial transactions and assistance in setting up trusts.

All of these services are based on making the customers’ individual needs a priority. One of the areas of our main focus is financial engineering as applied to all the activities listed below.


Private Banking

Financial Engineering, Asset management and international structuring services.

Trade Finance

Assistance in the entire documentary process needed to conclude trade transaction. Financing of merchandise for buyers and suppliers based on collateralized letters of credit where part of the collateral can be tradeable commodities. Structuring and advising on back-to-back financing.

Corporate Finance

Guidance in and arrangement or execution of different forms of financing, such as mezzanine financings, preferred shares models and private equity investments.

Equity & Acquisitions

Taking equity positions and asset acquisitions.

Structured Finance

Project Funding Architecture, structuring of financial products – especially with international financial institutions – with special focus on balance sheet, regulatory or tax aspects.